Probuz Hospital Management Software

Probuz Hospital Management System is a complete healthcare ERP suit for small to large hospital and healthcare service. This HMIS software have following module:

OPD Module

Its OPD Management Module takes care of entire OPD Cycle. It executes functions such as Registration. Doctor Appointment, Billing, etc.

IPD Module

Its powerful IPD Management Software performs each and every function related with In-Patient Management such as patient admission. discharge, etc.

OT Module

The Operation Theatre Management Software executes tasks such as scheduling of operation theatres. recording of surgery details, bill charges posting.

TPA Module

The TPA Management Software effectively handles the process of settling the bills of patient who are insured or covered by a third party.

Radiology Module

Radiology software covers sub specialities such as X-Ray, CT scan, Ultrasound. It furnishes reports like Radiology Test Reports, Ultrasound Report, etc.

Pathology Module

Pathology Lab Software handles operations of pathology lab or diagnostic centre. It covers activities like pathology lab registration, test report generation, etc.

Inventory Module

Hospital Inventory Management Software tracks inventory of hospital stores. It generates indent, quotation, purchase order, purchase bill, material receipt. reports, etc.

Pharmaceutical & Billing Module

The Medical Store Software handles functions of medical stores or shops of any size. It maintains stocks, keep records of medicines. perform billing, provides reports.

Financial Module

The Hospital Financial Management Software comes as a perfect solution for easily handling accounting functions for health care industry.

Payroll Module

Hospital Payroll Software effectively handles payroll functions of a hospital. It performs functions such as Attendance Entry, Leave Entry, Bonus Creation, etc.

Blood Bank Module

The Blood Bank Management system Software handles functions related with blood banks such as Inventory functions, Donor Information, Test Analysis, Billing, Reporting, etc.

Highly Integrated and Comprehensive Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Medical and Healthcare Management System Software.

User Friendly Interface

The entire "Probuz" Hospital Software Suite is simple and easy to use. It provides user friendly interface and enables the users to easily handle work processes for your hospital.

Consolidated Dashboard

The "Probuz" Hospital Software comes empowered with extensive and powerful set of features which enable you to easily handle all the complicated work processes of health care industry.

Stable, Safe and Secured

"Probuz" comes as a complete software solution for health care industry. It is highly suitable for Super Speciality Hospitals, Multi Speciality Hospitals, General Hospitals, etc.

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Probuz is complete Patient Management System covering all the needs of a software for hospital. This medical software records patient vitals and progress notes through patient management system module all the way to an efficient patient billing system.

This healthcare software solution covers healthcare CRM and works as complete healthcare management system for Healthcare units and all stake holders including Patient with Patient App Doctors with Doctor's App , Nurses with Nursing care App effectively creating HMIS software solution.