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Every payroll processing activity made easy with Probuz HRMS.

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100% compliant. HRMS Software handles every tax related parameters.

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Promotes mobility and makes it easy to work on the go.


Cloud security provides best data backup and prevents phishing.

Reduce Employee Expenses

Probuz HRMS lets its users schedule interviews, process onboarding, etc. with just a few clicks. It is an end-to-end human resource management system. Every HR duty like creating job templates, scheduling interview rounds, shortlisting candidates, generating offer letter, storing applicants' and employees' data etc. can be handled easily with the software.

With all the core hr processes just a few clicks away, our cloud based HR management system therefore reduces your time and expenditure on employee management. Thus, bringing down the total cost of human resources management.

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Staff Management Software

Probuz HRMS is a set of tools developed to manage everything related to hr functionalities, including payroll automation, recruitment management, staff management, employee database management, etc. Our HR software solution also assists HR in all their critical operations right from hiring workers/ employees to retirement. The payroll to be done every month for your employees, processing arrears, leave management, attendance, FnF settlement, etc. Probuz HRMS is an intelligent cloud based staff management software that helps bring down unwanted costs involved in workforce management by automating most of the hr processes.

HRMS (Human Resource Management System): A Complete Guide 2020

The need for an HRMS software

What is HRMS ?

HRMS is a new age HR (Human resource) management solution that makes every HR duty effortless. Duties include employee information management, attendance recording, payroll, on-boarding and much more. The HRMS assists your human resource personnel in their critical as well as mundane operations to save more time and boost productivity.

Employee leave tracking, taxation, time tracking, performance appraisal, punch-in and out, etc. are no more a burden for your human resource department. An intuitive well-designed, easy to use and easy to implement HR software brings each and every HR operation on the same page. Information rich dens are what makes HRMS system so useful for businesses.

HR system basically automates all the repetitive tasks thus, making HR payroll job easier, error-free and less time consuming. The time saved here could rather be put into practicing better strategies for business concerns like employee retention, budgeting, etc. In addition to it, HR payroll software helps you keep errors at cove.

History and evolution of HRMS software

As of today, HRM software is considered as one of the most basic and important requirements of HR department to manage and store employee information data. Human resources management software could be seen dominating almost every department at workplaces which includes recruitment, on-boarding, payroll, full and final, etc. But, what is the history behind? How could HRMS come up so high?

This is mid-20th century, where HR was just for recruiting the best talent and paying them based on their worked hours. This was all calculated and processed by papers, papers and just papers. Loss of just a single sheet could create disputes due to the lack of a centralized system. Anyways, this was about to change soon.

On the way towards 21st century, computers got merged into HR giving a whole new face to human resources due to increasing demand of reliability and effectiveness. Technological developments and arising demand of handling great volume of data led to HRIS system (Human resource information system) and HR became more strategic than ever before, as we see it today.

HRMS software features:

There are tons of businesses and industries that rely on HR software for their daily operations including even small jobs like leave approval of employees till accounting. Perhaps, what features of an HRM software make it so important? Below are some-

  • Cloud-supportive
  • Budget friendly (monthly subscriptions)
  • Accurate payroll
  • Workforce management
  • ESS (Employee self-service) portal
  • 24/7 availability
  • Data integration
  • Compliance management
  • Foolproof and info-rich reporting
  • HR chatbot
  • Expense management

HRMS Market Trends

Here's a list of trend Probuz HRMS has seen around 2019 and further-
Let’s take a closer look at each type.

Mobile HR is the New Normal:

With drastic developments in market, with millennials dominating the maximum, businesses had to tilt towards being mobile or promote mobility at their workplace. Mobile payroll app is the one of its results. It lets employees work remotely without a second thought. And, therefore mobile workforce HR.

Mobile App's Integration:

According to a study, more than 80% of the millennials have been observed to be leaning towards mobile usage as compared to desktops. Mobile applications make it very easy and feasible to work upon. Integrating your self-service portal with some most used messaging apps could engage your workforce in a better way. Therefore, you come closer to your internal customers and serve better.

Flexible Work Hours:

Disown the outdated 9 to 6 working schedule and wake up to the flexible working patterns. There are tech giants who practiced less working days and hours with flexible working hours and observed improved results and productivity at business revenue. Human resources management system with its capability of employee and time-tracking, it calculates accurate worked hours promoting flexible employee working hours.

Artificial Intelligence (HR BOTS):

AI-based chatbots help segregate HR duty efficiently. Some of the basic queries from employees gets easily attended by these bots thus, saving efforts your efforts and time. These bots, in near future, can easily mimic an HR in their absence with some added humor for employee engagement. An HRMS along with such HR-based bots could be the most craved one! Check out Probuz HRMS' bot - smHRty!

Wearable in HR:

Wearable! This could give a whole new dimension to HR management. Imagine receiving your leave approval notification on your wrist itself. Wouldn't it be great? Wearable in HR could be the biggest step towards employee engagement and would bring you closer to your employees. Whether they are on-site or remote area, communication is no more a concern.

Benefits of HRMS software

With time becoming as important as money, enterprises have expanded their search of best available resource to save maximum possible minutes at work. HRMS being the most advantageous thing for any SME or startup, it not only benefits the recruiting department or payroll but also helps you boost your overall business productivity and revenue too.

Given below are some prime benefits of HRMS software:

  • KPI monitoring
  • Easy access to employee data
  • Appraisal management
  • Simplified recruitment procedure
  • Simplified on-boarding
  • Hassle-free implementation
  • Automated daily
  • Mundane operations
  • Reduced errors
  • Easy to use
  • Improved employee satisfaction

What's the difference? HRIS vs HCM vs HRMS

Difference between HRIS and HCM

Generally, terms HRIS, HCM (Human capital management) and HRMS are used as synonyms for each other. Whereas, the fact; HRIS is a function of HCM, which means HRIS (Human Resource information system) is one of the types of HCM.

Similarly, HCM is a type of HRMS (Human resources management software). HCM is all about HRIS, self-service, on-boarding, recruitment, etc. Whereas, HRMS comprises of all these HCM functions with payroll and labor management as well.

The need for an HRMS

It is essential for the company management to assess the company needs and then select the suitable HRMS solution for the organization. Involve HR team and one representative from each department in a decision making process to get the clear picture of the long-term and short-term HRMS goals and its processes.

Finding and implementing the right HR Solution can contribute huge to the company’s growth. Cloud-based HRMS system improves HR functionalities and helps HR team to act more strategically. Moving towards automation and data analytics is a smart decision for businesses.

Below are some quick reasons which explains ‘WHY’ companies need HRMS Solutions:

  • Its paperless approach to store and manage employee data eliminates the problem of misplaced and also drops the cost of investment in space and stationery.
  • HR MIS Reports tool allows HR to generate reports without much effort, so getting a quick-view of critical information becomes easier.
  • Employees can access their own data through employee self-service portal which builds trust in the organization.
  • Increase employee engagement and make company staff more productive.
  • Easy to track real-time employee data, including leave balances and attendance.

How to choose a right HRMS software?

While choosing the perfect vendor, you must first know about your business insights like its requirements, vertical, etc. Choosing an HRMS might be the biggest deciding factor for your business' future but it will surely benefits administration work of HR team. Not all size fits all! The same way every HR software is not same. Basically there are 2 categories under HRMS – Cloud based HRMS and On-premise HRMS. Cloud-based HR software are basically meant for smaller enterprises and startups. Whereas, on-premise system is more suitable for larger ones. Here are few more factors-

  • Budget
  • Cloud security
  • Implementation duration, etc.

HRMS software pricing:

There are tons of options available in market. Different HR systems offer different pricing. Pricing can be monthly or annually based depending upon vendor or your business. There also exists categories under subscriptions. They are - Standard, professional, premium and FREE trials as well. Each category comes up with its unique set of features. Get the best one that suits your company needs and also perform HR activities with ease. Also, consider the 'data security' factor while making a decision. Check out what Probuz HRMS offers here! Also, don't forget to ask for free trials.


Companies must leverage on advanced technologies like Big Data analytics as it helps the human resource department in various areas such as job enrichment, job rotation, 360-degree appraisal process, contract worker management, etc. If you really want to take your HR team to the next level, then automated and efficient cloud-based HR software is a must. In this ‘digital era’, employees want to work smarter and also you can manage all your HR activities seamlessly in one go!

When companies take support of such techniques, then HR professionals can work like never before. They can perform their tasks, from recruitment to exit formalities, in a better way. And, this will lead to better business growth and happy workplace.

For more details, you can reach us here, sales[at]sagesoftware.co.in or simply SMS SAGE to 56767. Follow us Twitter or Facebook to get latest update about Probuz HRMS. Do not forget to book a 15-day free trial of our HR software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Uploading a bulk transfer is very easy and that can happen by uploading an excel or even manually adding a beneficiary before you transfer. We automate and authenticate bulk transfers via API's and make it much simpler as an alternative to uploading files on a bank portal. HRMS system is needed to bring all HR duties like payroll, employee management, self-service, recruitment, accounting, etc. on the same page. The system ensures accuracy and efficiency at every corner of HR department.

Most popular HRMS modules are as below:

  • Time tracking
  • ESS (employee self-service) portal
  • Attendance management
  • Performance appraisal
  • HR MIS reporting
  • Timesheet management
  • Training management
  • Expense management

Benefits of HRMS are endless. Listed below are top benefits of a cloud-based HR software:

  • Engaged workforce
  • Easy and accurate payroll
  • Compliance management
  • Remote workforce management
  • Easy leave management
  • Better employee experience
  • Accuracy at statutory reporting
  • Easy tax management
  • Easy data access
  • Flexible HR

An HRMS fetches necessary data through its dedicated modules and makes HR process easier. All in one HR system brings every HR duty under one platform. Every module is meant for separate jobs like time tracking for employees, managing attendance,payroll, training for employees, and much more.

Flexibility and scalability are other important features of an effective HRMS system. Customizable parameters and HR templates make it scalable with respect to your business. As your business scales up, HR software (HRMS) can be tailored according to your business needs. Cloud-support provides the required flexibility to management promoting productivity at the enterprise.